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As social content consumers, we have all likely encountered the occasional demise of our favorite apps. Developing a relationship with a productivity, scheduling, or food app then suddenly learn it is discontinuing its services can leave us with the same emotions as a bad break-up.

We think about the good times, how the app helped us accomplish our wildest goals and dreams, and why the developers could not pull it together to things going.

I have deleted more apps from my iPad within the past six months than I have used. The requests to create accounts to save my data and connections become a free-form way to track my social life, I often feel it’s unfair when the app shuts down.

That’s my rant for know… Technology is my friend despite the social app break-ups!

Sometimes what’s new and different can spark creativity in those who wish for creative access. “Phablets” (mobile phone + tablet) are slowly taking off. Now that they are here to stay… check out the latest  - Oppo N1.

The Tech Tool Goddess is back and ready to educate you on the latest in technology and adult learning.

Happy 2014


Prone to losing things? These little Tiles attach to anything, and will alert you via smartphone app where they are. If something is stolen, you can mark the object as a “Lost Item.” This discreetly puts all other Tile app users’ phones on alert, so if another Tile user comes within range of your lost item, their phone will, without them knowing it, send you a notification containing your item’s GPS location. 

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Lead, don’t dictate. 

Just one of 9 easy-to-steal habits of the super successful.


Apple iWatch vs. Google Glass - Who is going to win this battle in the end? :)




It’s the in-between moments that make life complete.

Wow, now I have a taste for Taco Bell!

So true!


A new app by producer and tech entrepreneur Kathryn Tucker.


RedRover Helps Parents Find Awesome Things to do With Their Kids